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Membership Form (NSW)

The NSW Electoral Commission requires every member to complete a "DECLARATION OF PARTY MEMBERSHIP" form.

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Note the following:

  1. This form needs to be completed ENTIRELY BY HAND. No pre-filling by computer. 
  2. Please take care to complete the form with your information EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON THE ELECTORAL ROLL. If you have a middle name it must be included.
  3. The name of the party is LEGALISE CANNABIS NSW PARTY. It needs to be written exactly like in the sample.

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Once complete, mail your form to:
LC Party
Suite 370 / 4 Young Street,
Neutral Bay, NSW, 2089.

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How to donate to your state legalise cannabis party

The following states accept donations by PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account to donate:

New South Wales


South Australia


You can donate to the Federal Party here: