Learn about our three-stage plan for the legalisation of Cannabis in Australia


Our plan is fair and realistic. Stage One is modelled on the experience of the ACT where cannabis has been legal since 2020 with positive social and economic outcomes. Our plan recognises the need to approach the issue of cannabis regulation from a public health perspective keeping the needs of patients and consumers as a priority.

Home Grow & Possession

Stage One

Legal Regulation of Cannabis – Personal Adult Use

  • Legal to possess cannabis for personal use
  • Legal to securely grow up to six plants at home – indoors or outside
  • Legal access to seeds
  • Social sharing (gifting) – up to 50 grams – will be legal
  • Carers will be allowed to grow for the person they care for
  • Storage of cannabis to be inaccessible to minors
  • No consumption in built-up areas or around children

Social Clubs

Stage Two

Legal Regulation of Cannabis – Social Clubs

  • Consumers can assign their home-grow rights to a growers co-operative
  • Clubs to be licensed and not-for-profit
  • Licenses will regulate production, safety, transport, storage and rules surrounding distribution to registered members
  • All forms of advertising prohibited
  • Cannabis to be provided to members in child-proof containers
  • All historical personal-use cannabis criminal records to be expunged

Commercial Distribution

Stage Three

Legal Regulation of Cannabis – Commercial Distribution

  • Growers, producers and retailers to be licensed
  • Safety of product and cannabinoid profile to be verified by a state regulator and clearly stated on product displays and labels
  • Controls on industry participants to favour small operators and exclude large corporations
  • Retail outlets to be prohibited near schools
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