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In WEST AUSTRALIA, the two Legalise Cannabis Party MPs, Dr Brian Walker and Sophia Moermond (pictured with WA Governor Kim Beasley) have made their presence felt despite being sworn in only a few months ago. Brian’s first question in the Legislative Council addressed the Labor government’s own policy of cannabis decriminalisation legislated by previous Labor Premier Geoff Gallop (Cannabis Control Act 2003) but subsequently repealed by the conservatives.


Recruitment drives continue with NSW and VICTORIA neck-and-neck on membership numbers and competing on who will get registered first. With Greater Sydney in lock-down the focus has been on regional markets, the most recent in Urunga and Crescent Heads (pictured below). Efforts to register in TASMANIA ahead of its election was dealt a blow with the Liberal’s calling an early election and the party running out of time whilst SOUTH AUSTRALIA and the ACT are close to achieving the membership numbers to register in time for their respective elections. QUEENSLAND is still basking in the success of its election held last year, with member numbers continuing to build. A new committee was elected at its recent AGM, and they plan to keep the ball rolling by assisting HEMP party candidates at the upcoming Federal election.  

Watch your inbox for member-only events coming up which will include zoom meetings where you can meet and ask questions of cannabis campaigners from around the country including Legalise Cannabis MPs. There’s a whole lot of opportunities coming up to get involved with the Party including volunteering. 

We will be releasing our latest T-Shirt range and other cool stuff, watch out for their release. Party members get discounts on all merch.
We want to hear from you with your suggestions on how you prefer to interact with the party. A survey will be heading your way shortly but if you have any thoughts ahead of that please drop us a line

Victorian Inquiry Into Cannabis Use

The Victorian Legal and Social Affairs Committee has been looking into the use of cannabis in that state.
Over 1460 submissions were made to the inquiry, with the vast majority supported a change to current laws. The Committee heard that the prohibition of cannabis in Victoria was a matter of politics, not health; that prohibition has not resulted in better health or social outcomes and that a drug conviction can be ruinous for someone’s career with a conviction posing a huge threat to family and social stability. Professor Dan Lubman, Executive Clinical Director of Turning Point, told the Committee: “Current cannabis policy undeniably causes harm, but particularly for adolescent and young adults, who can experience long-lasting and disproportionate harms from the criminal justice system, particularly if they acquire a criminal record due to a minor cannabis offence,” The Committee heard that in 2020, 11,789 Victorians were charged for use or possession alone. The report from the Inquiry is due to report to Parliament on 5 August.  

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