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Parliamentary petitions requesting Random Drug Testing (RDT) laws provide exemptions for THC prescribed by a doctor.

We’re excited to be supporting Parliamentary petitions launched in NSW, Victoria and Queensland requesting that Random Drug Testing (RDT) laws provide exemptions for THC prescribed by a doctor. This is a significant step forward as existing laws are inadequate and are severely impacting tens of thousands of medical cannabis patients who take legally prescribed medications,

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NEW STUDY SHOWS Legalising Cannabis DID NOT INCREASE ROAD Fatalities*

Analysis: State-Legal Cannabis Not Correlated with Increased Traffic Fatalities

Changes in the state-legal status of cannabis are not associated with rising motor vehicle fatalities, according to an analysis by the news agency Quartz Media LLC. Researchers affiliated with Quartz Advisors assessed trends in fatal motor vehicle accidents in four legalization states – California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada – as compared to five control states: Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska,

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Legalise Cannabis Party faces Facebook ‘censorship’

The Age, 23 Oct 2023. You’d think a political operation would have to be fairly extreme to have its ads rejected by Facebook, the social networking giant which, let’s face it, has never been too choosy about such things. So the mild-mannered men and women of Victoria’s Legalise Cannabis Party, which had two candidates elected

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Is the end of the tunnel in sight for VIC Roadside Drug Testing trial?

Victorian Legalise Cannabis MPs Rachel Payne and David Ettershank have been pushing the Andrews Government on a Road Drug Testing trial, and met with Road Safety Minister Melissa Horne late Thursday afternoon to that end. The wheels of Government are churning, and we are optimistic that there will be something to report on this topic

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Party piques the interest of mainstream media

The team were very happy with the extensive coverage of our agenda kickoff this week, with some big names taking an interest. On Tuesday our three-state bill made the front page of The Age and also was picked up by the Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian. There was a solid segment on SBS World News,

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Party executes three-state legislative assault

In an unprecedented political move, Legalise Cannabis MPs have set the tone for their legislative agenda, simultaneously introducing the Regulation of Personal Adult Use of Cannabis Bill in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.. The bill is the first of three tiered stages in an ambitious legislative plan for the Party and will allow adults to

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